The leishmaniases are global diseases, and in the past few years, we have witnessed many of the conventions related to these diseases struggle to keep up with what is happening in the clinic.  Examples might include geographical variation in treatment response in visceral leishmaniasis, or alterations in parasite tropism.  We believe there is much to be learnt from conducting comparative studies both within and across conventional disease / parasite / geographic boundaries.

The leishmaniases  are “immunopathologies” and to understand disease evolution, the intricacies of the host-pathogen interaction, and to gain a clearer understanding of correlates of protection and drug response, studies at the tissue level are required. LeishPathNet lays the foundations for change in how research and training in the pathology of leishmaniasis is conducted, with the primary aim of adding value to the clinical samples that are generously donated by patients for research or from animals used in research.