3-year PhD scholarship in Immunology

Hull York Medical School 3-year PhD scholarship in Immunology

Project title:
Regulation of myeloid cell activation during infectious and inflammatory disease

Full details at:  https://www.hyms.ac.uk/postgraduate-research-degrees/funded-postgraduate-research-opportunities/regulation-of-myeloid-cell-activation-during-infectious-and-inflammatory-disease

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Project description

Macrophages and related myeloid cells play a central role in immune homeostasis, the induction and regulation of acquired immunity and the resolution of inflammation. Using animal models of infectious and inflammatory disease, including but not limited to leishmaniasis, this project will explore the ways in which macrophage activation is regulated through transcriptional and epigenetic regulation. In our previous studies1,2, we have conducted unbiased screens to identify key molecules (transcription factors, receptors) to uncover new pathways regulating myeloid cell activation and that may serve as novel targets for immunotherapeutic intervention in infectious or inflammatory disease. In this project, a subset of these targets will be subjected to more in-depth analysis, taking a multiscale approach spanning single molecule to tissue. Research methodology will include characterisation of myeloid cell activation at the molecular/cellular level in vitro (e.g. RNA-Seq, ATAC-Seq, flow cytometry), use of CRISPR/Cas for gene modification / knock-out, and advanced imaging (e.g. intravital microscopy, digital spatial profiling) to evaluate cellular function in a tissue-specific context. At the end of their PhD, the successful candidate will be well-equipped to continue their research career in infectious disease or any other sub-discipline in immunology.


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